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Sports (Archery) Specialist
Dec. 21, 2009


* Training and experience commensurate with needs of sports activities. Teaching experience in that activity area desired.
* Strong enthusiasm for and broad-based knowledge of assigned specialty.
* Ability to follow defined teaching requirements, developing own methods of presentation to chanichim.
* Attend and complete Archery Certification prior to the summer


* Lead and coordinate activities (primarily Archery) for all age groups. Maintain daily record of activity lesson plan.
* Work with sports team during times when no archery activities are scheduled. Work with assigned cabin when not being utilized in the sports area.
* When assigned, plan and lead age-appropriate unit evening programs, incorporating your area(s) of expertise.
* Be available for cabin activities as scheduled by supervisors.
* Prepare and lead Shabbat afternoon activities.
* Act as general resource for other Camp activities relating to your specialty.
* When time permits, participate in other Camp program

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