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Unit Head
Sep. 22, 2010


  • Strong background and experience in camping and/or related fields.
  • Desire and ability to work with children and adults in Camp setting.
  • Ability to creatively plan & schedule programs and activities, and to maximize the skills & talents of staff members.
  • Ability to give & take constructive criticism.
  • Must be self-starter and able to work with a minimum of supervision. Must have leadership skills, ability to motivate, manage, and counsel.
  • Age Requirement: Must be at least 21


  • Directly responsible for planning, preparation, and implementation of all evening programs for assigned unit; serve as the creative force for unit programs, assign counselors to program teams, and work closely with specialists and counselors planning programs for your unit.
  • Directly responsible for consistently having unit’s program supply requisitions turned in on time.
  • Whenever possible, incorporate unit staff members in program planning and leadership. Prepare requisitions in timely manner. Ensure that all site & supply arrangements are made.
  • Coordinate activities of cabins in the unit: cabin activities, staff days off.
  • Act as role model for unit staff. Be a” counselor’s counselor”, assisting unit staff with problems and questions.
  • Regularly evaluate the performance of unit staff members, following the set guidelines.
  • Run unit staff meetings.
  • Serve as next step after counselors in discipline “chain-of-command.”
  • Become directly involved with all chanichim and staff in unit. Ongoing chanichim and staff problems are of particular concern. Communicate with the Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director on key matters. Will be called upon to communicate directly with parents.
  • Work with the Education Director on the unit's education programming and play a role in its facilitation.

Pre Summer Responsibilities:

  • Attend at least one leadership team weekend at URJ Camp Kalsman to begin training and preparation for Summer 2015

Leadership Staff Responsibilities:

• Attend daily meetings and perform various other administrative responsibilities such as complete staff evaluations, order supplies, etc.
• Directly responsible for the cleanliness and care of all area equipment and program areas – includes pre and post camp inventory
• Able and willing to work with a variety of staff members in a calm, collected manner at all times
• Participate in pre-camp staff orientation and any on-going staff development programs throughout the summer
• Take part in creating and leading staff development opportunities both during Staff Orientation and throughout the summer.
• Participate regularly and enthusiastically in all camp programs
• Responsible for the health, safety, and happiness of ALL campers at ALL times
• Participate regularly and enthusiastically in all Judaic programming, including Shabbat programming

Unit Heads will be hired for a single unit for the entire summer. Please apply for the unit with which you would like to work. The positions available are:

Coogarim/Goorim/Nitzotzot Unit Head (2nd-5th grade)
Nemerim/Kochavim/Chalutzim Unit Head (4th-6th Grade)
Dubim/Tzofim Unit Head (7th-8th Grade)
Kesher Unit Head (9th-11th Grade)

Supervisor: Assistant Director

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